12 Most Powerful Ways to Let People Know They Matter

I was sent this link today from a site called ‘12 Most‘.  It is a blog post by Angela Maiers (An award-winning educator, speaker, consultant and professional trainer known for her work in literacy, leadership and global communications).  It is a lovely read about 12 Ways each of us can let people know that they matter.



As well as recognising that being ‘needed’ is a fundamental human need (See Maslow) the list offers some great life on one of the hardest things we can aspire to achieve in our lives; being a good person.

My personal favourite is Point 9.  The reason being that we find ourselves surrounded everyday by people often ‘going through the motions’ or ‘just getting by’.  I like to try to have an influence on those I meet every day, offering a different outlook, a positive slant on things – hope.

Offer Hope

“At every moment of the day, we are either making the world a better place or making it worse. Our thoughts spread out and become contagious, either positively infecting others or unleashing a plague of negativity, doubt and fear. We have the power to help lift someone up or to bring them down. How we interact with those we meet may be the catalyst that sets someone into an emotional tailspin or the spark that provides them with encouragement and HOPE for a better day… or maybe even a better life”.


Have a read for yourself, It is difficult not to be motivated by the content.  A big thanks to Ian Pratt [@sciencelabman] for the heads-up.

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