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Drinking Time Machine

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Many of our regular readers will know that we are currently about halfway through our training and support program on the Drinkaware UK In:tuition program.  In:tuition is an exciting (FREE) new interactive life skills education programme for young people aged 9-14 years. The programme aims to build young people’s confidence, personal and social skills and help them explore how they make decisions and what might influence them. Its theme is alcohol, but its focus is wider, addressing a range of relevant personal needs in an age sensitive way.

I was having a browse through the Scottish Governement iPhone app last night and discovered this great app, endorsed by the Governments Healthier Scotlanddrop a drink size” campaign for women.

The app urges them to consider taking smaller glasses when drinking alcohol, claiming too many Scots women regularly exceed recommended guidelines.  Official estimates suggest one in every 30 deaths among women is alcohol-related.  Figures from the Scottish Health Survey also indicate more than one in three regularly drink more than is good for their health.

The app asks you to load a photo, select key areas of your mugshot then apply a filter that shows you what your face will look like after years of drinking.  The results are shocking – but also identify a serious point; drinking excessively over a long period of time will have a detrimental effect on not only your health but also your precious looks!

App designer Auriole Price said: “The main aim of the app is to shock people into drinking just a little bit less. We are appealing to people’s vanity as the effects of alcohol can include red broken veins on the cheeks, bloodshot eyes, a bloated face and deeper wrinkles.”

The Scottish Governments Alcohol Behaviour Change campaign will start on Tuesday.  This could be a great app to use with learners on the In:tuition course in class to show them the possible impact excessive consumption can have.

Want to know more about In:tuition, just get in touch.



In:tuition Newsletter November 2011

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

As you know Do-Be are handling the acquisition of pilot schools for the In:tuition programme. While  the resource is free to all schools, we are running a pilot programme in 40 schools across the UK during this academic year.

The FIRST EVER newsletter for November is now available and you can download it here or by clicking the image below.

Packed full of all the latest information about In:tuition including free lesson ideas, inspirational videos and frank opinion from Libby Brookes on why PSE/SRE should be a statutory subject in schools.

Remember, you can keep up to date with the latest information from In:tuition by following the Twitter Feed here or checking out the In:tuition website itself.

Happy reading!

Scottish Learning Festival 2011

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Not long to go until the SLF 2011 in Glasgow. In just a little over a month you will be able to come and visit our stand at the event, chat to the team, watch demonstrations and see our exiting products that are available.

The whole team are busy working away on a variety of projects which include a new Teach-It Outdoors launch, the launch of the Alcohol Awareness product in collaboration with Drinkaware, a champagne reception on day one and other exiting ventures that you will see when you come to visit us.

Please do come along and see us at STAND HW16, we would be delighted see you and give you more information about our company and our range of products designed to support teachers in enthusing, engaging and inspiring our learners by using ICT..

If you can’t make it on either of the days, keep an eye on our social networks, I am going to attempt to broadcast the stand live on both days using Google+ Hangouts.

So, that’s Stand HW16 at the SLF at the SECC. (Brad & Angelina won’t be there I’m afraid).

Another Teach-It Alcohol Awareness Launch

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Do-Be were delighted to launch the Teach-It Alcohol Awareness with Bedford Schools last week. We were invited down to work with teachers from a number of schools in the local authority. Philip Loring of the Wine and Spirits Trade Association called us after seeing Teach-It Alcohol Awareness at a Government meeting. He was really keen to give teachers in his Community Alcohol Partnership a resource which would engage 21st century learners on the subject of alcohol. He saw what Do-Be was offering was unique and fitted in with the National Curriculum perfectly.

The training saw teachers gather at Lincroft Middle School. Louise was impressed with the ICT provision available as every website was available thanks to Monique Eyre-Smith. Over the course of the day teachers were wowed by everything from podcasting to comic strip creation. Teachers loved the fact that they were looking at fresh ways to teach alcohol and responsible drinking but they were also increasing their digital confidence and learning new skills that were transferable across the curriculum.

The training session was a huge success and teachers left with their Teach-It Alcohol Awareness packs and online access. Louise commented

Giving teachers hands on experience with technology is great but it’s even better that they are given the resource to sustain training and share with other teachers. We are looking forward to see how the resource enhances learning and teaching in the context of alcohol education“.

“Sometimes CPD is really hard work!”

Do-Be and Drinkaware

Monday, May 30th, 2011

You may recall that the team at Do-Be have been working on a resource with Drinkaware for a while. Interestingly, I got an email from one of our Do-Be Do-Er’s and Principal Teacher (Frank Bannon) who has been asked to undertake an evaluation of the resource (as an educator) on behalf of Drinkaware.

Frank emailed me to let me know his feelings on the glimpse at the new Drinkaware resource and we thought it would be worthwhile passing these thoughts on.

“Hi Doobs.

I got an email on Friday from a third party conducting a survey of the first copies of the Drinkaware Alcohol pack that they are working on with you guys. From what I have seen this looks like a great development for teaching Alcohol Awareness to pupils in our schools.

You get fed up seeing the same old ‘pickled livers’ and ‘knife scar’ images that our pupils are STILL being shown in school to attempt to change their attitudes to drinking and our drinking culture. What impressed me most about the concept is that the Drinkaware pack looks to change attitudes by having the pupils explore introspective attitudes to self and who they are – which ultimately may lead them to a culture of drinking. As usual, the Do-Be stamp is all over this pack with the innovative design and engaging use of technology and Web 2.0 tools and the fun, challenging range of tasks, individual and group based, that will inform and educate the pupils.

I can’t wait to see the finished product based upon the samples I was sent.

Keep up the inspiring work Team Do-Be!


Thanks for feeding back to us Frank – as you all know, we at Do-Be feel that feedback from our customers and users of our products is vital in the formation of future Teach-It products produced to support teachers and inspire learners.

Launch of Teach-It Alcohol Awareness

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

You may have read my post on Scotland’s relationship with alcohol earlier this week (See below). Well, on Monday 16th May we launched Teach-It Alcohol Awareness in Woodbank Education and Social Work Centre, Dumfries and Galloway.

The Hour session went really well and we have been provided with some some lovely feedback from Liz Forsyth who attended the event:

We found the presentation really useful and informative, I was on the ‘Do-De’ website as soon as I got in this morning. I have also had a go at wordle and voki already – wordle will be great for a lot of the community engagement work we do“.

Liz Forsyth, Community Health Development Worker, NHS Dumfries & Galloway

We would like to thank Liz and everyone present at our event and we hope that this is just the beginning of something special happening with Teach-It Alcohol Awareness.

An Inconvenient Truth

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

If there is one thing we know in Scotland, that is how to throw a party. Be it Birthday’s, Christenings or Hogmanay each year us Scots fair know how to have a good time.

This usually involves alcohol, food and good company and in moderation, all three can be a good way to relieve stress and escape the pressures of a 40hr week. The problem comes when, like all indulgences, consumption gets out of control.

The Scottish Government’s Alcohol Awareness Week 2010 found that currently only 15 per cent of Scots are able to correctly estimate the number of units in a normal strength bottle of wine. That is 15 percent of adults of drinking age! Many do not know that unit count is affected by the type of alcohol consumed. The focus of AA week 2010 was on educating drinkers on the unit level in each drink – at the very same time the Government were trying to introduce legislation on minimum unit pricing for alcohol (at 45 pence this was an unpopular suggestion as some feel that this would hit ‘responsible drinkers‘).

Responsible Drinkers. Now there are two words that we often do not hear used in every day conversation.

Usually we hear tales of being ‘mad with it’ or ‘steaming’, ‘blootered’, ‘hammered’ or phrases similar. Our society is seeing a sharp rise in alcohol related violence on our streets, physical abuse of staff (especially in Accident & Emergency units) and the growing popularity of the ‘binge drinking and ‘teenage drinking culture’.

The effects of irresponsible consumption of alcohol are evident on our streets and in our homes. What is troublesome is the increasing incidence of teenagers and young children drinking and drinking more despite decades of alcohol education and advice in schools. The Scottish Governments statistics on teenage alcohol consumption make a depressing read for any responsible person reading them. Yes we have a culture of alcohol in Scotland, yes, it is a problem, and yes, we have been addressing it in schools for years. Is it too far a jump to suggest that perhaps our strategies of ‘shock and awe’ are not working as they should?

I have been present at numerous PSE sessions/lessons where the impact of alcohol abuse is graphically demonstrated to pupils. From the swollen, bloated pickled livers on display to badly mangled scars on the bodies of someone who was a victim of alcohol related knife crime. Shocking, yes – thought provoking, yes – changing teens attitudes…, maybe?

The soon to be launched Teach-It Alcohol Awareness pack (which will be free to every LA in Scotland) comes at this problem from a different angle. Something that as an educator I find refreshing. It challenges learners to take an introspective look at what makes one turn to alcohol. It covers issues such as self-awareness and self-esteem, confidence building and assertiveness whilst using technology to engage the learners. Subjects that, in my opinion, have only been given ‘lip service’ in educational establishments in recent times.

Teach-It Alcohol Awareness isn’t a ‘magic bullet’ to solve the widespread (and worryingly culturally acceptable) problems with alcohol in our society, nor is it intended to be used that way. What TIAA aims to do is educate learners about themselves, why they make decisions, what influences their decision making process and who they really are as a person when they are sober and in control.

Perhaps there is room in our Alcohol Awareness education strategy for a different approach – after all, what harm can a fresh look at the problem have?

Feel passionate about the content of this post then why not join the discussion over on our Facebook page?

What The Team Are Up To This Week.

Monday, April 18th, 2011


Another exciting week at Do Be HQ. The Drink Aware Resource is now in full flow. It’s shaping up to be a very exciting resource which will go out to every school in the UK.

Stephen is launching Teach-It Alcohol Awareness into Dundee City Schools on Tuesday. Each schools who is attending will receive a Teach-It AA paper pack and online access.

Glengowan Primary in South Lanarkshire are working with Stephen on Wednesday.  They will be trained on Games Based Learning and Digital Imaging.

Scott and Kirsten have a very exciting meeting in Inverness on Tuesday. All will be revealed in due course.

Kirsten is also travelling up to Angus to meet with cluster schools. They will be introduced to Teach-It and Teach-It 2.

It’s shaping up to be another fun packed week.

What the team are up to this week.

Monday, April 11th, 2011

People always think that because the schools are off that the Do-Be team have a rest. Unfortunately this is not the case. However, we did have a sneaky week off last week (But not Doobs!). This week is a busy week for the team. We are developing content, meeting with our ‘Creative Circle’, working on our new resource which helps teachers deliver Alcohol Awareness education in an innovative and engaging way. The resource is curriculum linked and will be freely available to all schools in the UK very soon.

On Thursday Louise is meeting with the Director of Education at North Ayrshire Council to discuss rolling out Teach-It to every school in the authority.

Scott is traveling to Midlothian Council on Friday. They are very interested to hear more about how Teach-It is taking the Midlothian schools by storm.

We are also delighted to welcome Aberdeen City Council, East Dunbartonshire Council, Oxfordshire Council and South Ayrshire Council to the Teach-It community. Yes, we have been very busy. We look forward to working with all their schools soon.

What the team are up to this week…

Monday, March 21st, 2011


Monday 21st

We have loads of Team meetings, and are meeting our web designer to make our website better.

We will be meeting Louise Love to brainstorm how to further develop our product base.

Louise is focusing on Alcohol Awareness all week – not just what young people need to learn but also some innovative ways to engage them in it.

Tuesday 22nd

Scott is training at Towerlands PS in Ayr on Teach-It 1.

Wednesday 23rd

Kirsten is attending the North Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning E-Learning meeting to present Teach-It.

Scott is presenting Teach-It 2 to IT coordinators in East Renfrewshire.

Stephen is training Perth and Kinross schools.

Thursday 24th

Louise is at Irwin Stuart editing the video that we captured at Islay High School during the Teach-It Alcohol Awareness training.

Then at FAP (Fife Alcohol Partnership discussing all things alcohol)

Friday 25th

Louise is meeting Drink Aware in London all day.

Scott and Kirsten are meeting Fujitsu in Edinburgh to explore potential ways of working together.

And Doobs – well I will be saving the world, one lesson at a time…

Latest Do-Be update from Scott @ Do-Be.

Thursday, March 17th, 2011


Do-BeScott has sent me some cool linkies for you to have a look at. Its is some of the work he has been involved in this week.

First we have a link to the Teachmeet page from Tuesday night.

We also had Val Kennedy from Inverkeithing talking about Teach-It Alcohol awareness (See about 7 minutes into this video).  Here is a report from a local Fife newspaper, The Courier about the project.

Do-Be also sponsored and gave away 2 paper Teach-It packs and 2 online access codes to Teach-It as prizes – how cool is that?

Lastly I was also at the Glow Futures presentation at the Apex hotel on Tuesday morning.  Check it out here.

Thanks for the update Scott – don’t work too hard!

Finalists Fife Business Awards

Monday, November 1st, 2010

We are delighted to announce that we are finalists in the Fife Business Awards 2010.  Louise presented Teach-It Alcohol Awareness which has come together as a unique partnership between Fife Alcohol Partnership, Diageo and ourselves to the judges under the ‘Best Business and Education Partnership’ category in September and we are officially through to the finals!  View our presentation here.

Teach-It Alcohol Awareness, our main pro-bono project for 2010, aims to give teachers the confidence to deliver alcohol awareness to S2/Year 9 students in creative and engaging way and……it’s completely free for all UK schools.

We find out if we’ve won on 11th November so please keep fingers, toes and everything else crossed for us peeps :)

S2 Alcohol Awareness

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Vinodb copy

After many months of preparation we finally had the opportunity to roll out our Alcohol Awareness pilot project this week.

Held in Inverkeithing High School over Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th January 2010 the project saw almost 200 S2 (age 13) pupils carry out a ‘groundbreaking‘* alcohol awareness course lasting 1 hour and 45 mins.

Months in the making and developed and run by Stephen (tw: StephenDoBe), the project was designed in such a way as to encourage pupils to want to talk freely as a group, without fear or bravado about their experiences with alcohol so far. As a subject tackled in PSE classes it was initially judged that this kind of exercise rarely worked in such an open forum and was generally dominated by those who had a certain sense of pride in their experiences.
We designed the course with this in mind and as a result we created a three session approach:

Session 1, carried out before the christmas break was designed to cover subjects like Identity, Motivation and Decision Making. The material covered helped pupils to open up to questions such as ‘Who am I?‘, ‘What are choices?‘, ‘What are my choices‘, ‘How and why do I make decisions?‘, ‘What do I want…from school, home, society, life?‘ and much more.

Session 2 followed on from these themes with a specific angle on alcohol awareness. It was made clear that ‘Alcohol Awareness‘ is not about a pupils ability to identify Cider from Spirits but about the importance of having a good, rounded knowledge of all aspects of alcohol. The positive attributes and of course the negative ones.

We started this session with an informal group chat about alcohol, collecting fact, fallacy and opinion along the way (some findings can be found at the end of this blog). A series of short videos were produced by the Creative Services team at Do Be to highlight the particular themes of this subject. Pupils watched the videos and then discussed the nature of each scene and the benefits or consequences of each action shown. It’s important to highlight here that, as with the rest of the material that the videos were not designed to run with the idea that if a pupil drinks alcohol they will face extreme and often life threatening consequences or that there will be no consequences at all. We designed them to give the pupils complete freedom of thought and expression on reflection.

Session 3 has been finished and is expected to run in March 2010 but will be discussed in a fresh blog post then.

Here are some of the findings we collated while in discussion with almost 200 S2 (age 13 pupils):

100% have tried alcohol

• Around 40% have been ‘drunk

• 1 in 5 have been ‘very drunk‘ with consequences – Sickness, hangover, parental upset, police intervention, violence, accident, embarrassment.

• Almost all have tried alcohol with their parents

• As many as 5 in each group of 30 have been drunk ‘with‘ their parents!

• Those who drink ‘regularly‘ could tell me exactly where to get alcohol easily and for what cost

• Jargon is a good way of disguising the nature of an alcohol related conversation in front of teachers and parents – ‘a 3 bomb‘ is a 3 ltr bottle of Cider

• One girl admitted that a 3 ltr bottle of Cider purchased at 6pm was finished (by her alone) by 8pm, with dire consequences!

• S2 pupils claim ‘peer pressure‘ s the number one reason to drink followed by ‘the media and social norms‘ then ‘ease of access and cost

• General opinion is that ‘drink‘ and ‘drunk‘ are the same word…’there is no sensible way to drink‘, ‘you drink to get drunk

• Almost all pupils claim that ‘alcohol tastes good‘ then follow this with statements such as ‘as long as it’s apple flavour‘ or ‘the orange ones taste best

The course so far has been deemed a huge success by both the pupils and the staff at Inverkeithing with talks of a roll out already taking place. PSE and other subject teachers were amazed at the response from pupils and are planning to build a series of alcohol related lessons around the videos we provided.

The videos have been loaded onto our Learn-It MP4 Players and will be used by pupils to revisit the themes of the project whenever they wish.

If you would like to know more or be a part of our Alcohol Awareness workshops please call us to arrange a meeting.

We welcome any school or authority interested in running a project like this.

* Quote from the ‘Fife Alcohol Partnership’ and ‘Diageo’