About Do-Be

Do-Be offer inspirational, creative teaching resources to make learning fun.

Through our resources and training we give educators the tools, skills and attitude to deliver exciting and creative lessons.

Our Products

Do you want to make greater use of ICT in your teaching and need support developing your technology skills?
Or are you looking for some fresh ideas?
Our innovative teaching and learning resources are designed to help teachers use technology creatively to develop engaging learning opportunities, unleash classroom creativity, and motivate students.

Our Training
Do you want to get the most out of our resources? Or are you just looking to do ‘more with less’?
Our training and support can ensure that your teachers make the most effective use of our resources.

We can also tailor our training to help you to get the most out of the technologies currently available in your school.

Our Services
Do you want to create an exciting resource to target a specific subject or issue?
Our creative team would love to work in partnership with you to create an educational pack, online toolkit or something in between!