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Teach-IT Outdoors

Many schools recognise the benefits of outdoor learning and agree that it is an integral part of good practise within learning and teaching. But let’s face it - we’re not all outdoors experts!

Teach-IT Outdoors is designed to build teachers confidence in delivering quality, creative and regular lessons outdoors. What makes these lessons unique is the use of the latest technologies to support learning outside.

As with all of our products, we have made a conscious effort to make Teach-IT Outdoors a jargon-free, fun and inspirational resource. It can be used in any nursery or school regardless of surroundings. Teach-IT Outdoors comes as both a handy pocket-sized paper pack and a dynamic, easy to use website. All lessons are curriculum linked and contain step-by-step guides so it’s easy for you to deliver quality learning experiences outdoors.

To read an independent evaluation of Teach-IT Outdoors click here.

The creative ideas and technologies in Teach-IT Outdoors are highly transferable to other areas of learning and teaching. They can help to add breadth and depth and aid progression in the wider curriculum as well as make lessons inspiring and relevant.

Lesson ideas will help you to:

Use ICT to plan meaningful lessons outside
Deliver fun and creative practical activities outdoors
Record, reflect and share your experiences with the wider world

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